IoT Edge Next Generation Deployment is a device management platform, with IoT apps deployment and Over The Air (OTA) software updates to scale your Edge computing experience and boost your data processing.

Product Features

Focus on your business, deploy IoT apps and speed up time to market.

IoT Device Management

IoT apps deployment and Over The Air (OTA) software updates. scales up to 100K managed devices per organization.

Secure IoT and Edge devices
5 years of support and updates SealOS is a secure Linux Operating System for IoT, with its integrated Over The Air (OTA) updates, receive 5 years of security support and OS updates.
Extend your devices longevity and reduce maintenance costs.

Linux-IoT Hardware Support
Industrial Linux

Deploy IoT apps on
Industrial grade Linux boards.

Supported Hardware and Modules

Supported internet & Industrial protocols

TCP/IP, Wired Ethernet, WiFi, 3G, 4G, 5G

CANbus, M-bus, Modbus, 1-wire, LoRa, ... etc

Supported Operating Systems


Secure Linux OS for IoT and Edge devices. 5 years of security and OS updates.

Raspbian OS

The go-to OS for Raspberry PI board.

Bring Hardware to life

Embedded Linux made easy with, focus on your business and let us help you to bring hardware to life and manage up to 100K devices. Please contact us.

Create Projects and register devices

Because it's not always easy to update your software.

Over The Air (OTA) Secure Software updates

You are one click away from making update, rollback and more on all your devices at once, what else.

Update and Rollback Apps

Manage your IoT Devices remotely

Real-time Devices Status and logs

Data is important, data in real time make it more valuable, we understand it so let us help you access it.

Device monitoring

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