Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the main features offered by Ionoid IoT Platform ?

IoT Devices management and monitoring, IoT Apps deployment, Over The Air (OTA) secure software updates, secure Linux-IoT support and SealOS Linux to protect your cyber physical world.

Can I open a free account ?

Yes, sure. Please visit the register page and feel free to create an account and deploy your first IoT Applications.

What kind of IoT devices you support ?

We support any device that can runs Linux Operating System. Raspberry PI family, Beaglebone family, i.MX NXP family, Orange PI family, ARM and x86 boards.We also offer our own SealOS Linux-IoT Operating system, feel free to contact us at

How many devices can you manage ?

We are able to scale to 100000 devices per account..

Is it only for Raspberry PI ?

We support Raspberry PI family and any other board that can run Linux Operating System, basically any ARM or x86 boards.

Can I use Ionoid to deploy blockchain applications and wallets?

Yes, sure. If your applications or wallets are able to run on Linux then Ionoid IoT would be the perfect match for your application. If in doubt please email us at

Can I use Ionoid to monetize my IoT Application data ?

Yes, sure. You can use Ionoid platform to broadcast the data generated by your IoT devices and Apps. Please feel free to emails us for further information

Can i host it in my own infrastructure ?

If you are planning to deploy and scale your IoT solution, and interested into enterprise support with self-hosting solution, then please contact us at

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