IoT Edge

Deploy your IoT Apps to your industrial hardware with Ionoid. Manage your applications, devices and scale your edge computing

Focus on your business

Bringing Hardware to life

We can manage more than 10000 devices for you.

Create Projects and register devices

Because it's not always easy to update your software.

OTA Secure Software updates

You are one click away from making update, rollback and more on all your devices at once, what else.

Update and Rollback Apps

Manage your device without hardware access

Real-time Devices Status and logs

Data is important, data in real time make it more valuable, we understand it so let us help you access it.

Device monitoring

More Reasons to Love Us

Update or Rollback your Apps and configurations at anytime remotely

Dont get in the way

Share Device status and data remotely with engineers.


Start managing as many devices as you want effortless.

Smart Notification

Share Devices data and Apps output easily.

Real Time

Real-time monitoring of production lines workflow.


Update or Rollback your Apps and configurations at anytime remotely.


Configure your wifi creadential and more from dashboard.

What we support

Supported os for sealos tools

Raspbian OS

The go to os for Raspberry PI board.

Ubuntu Core

And any other Debian based os that use systemd.

And more

Any systemd based os are supported by ionoid.

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