is a device management platform, with IoT Apps deployment and OTA software updates to scale your edge computing experience and boost your data collection.

Open Devices GmbH, a startup from Berlin, provides IoT solutions and embedded Linux support. From Industrial IoT, edge deployment to IoT data collection, Open Devices solutions allow you to focus on your business, and scale your IoT applications.

IoT Gateways/devices

Supports any device and gateway that runs the Linux Operating System, can also support sensors for IoT data tagging. scales up to 100k managed devices per account.

Focus on your business

Bringing Hardware to life

We can manage more than 10K devices for you.

Create Projects and register devices

IoT data collection

With the data collection package, perform real time analytics for your Industrial IoT, AI, Machine Learning and edge processing applications.

Because it's not always easy to update your software.

OTA Secure Software updates

You are one click away from making update, rollback and more on all your devices at once, what else.

Update and Rollback Apps

IoT data sharing

With our data sharing package, remove infrastructure burden, use QR Codes and make M2M data exchanges possible with your partners, maintenance operators and other collaborators.

Device Management

Real-time Devices Status and logs

Data is important, data in real time make it more valuable, we understand it so let us help you access it.

Device monitoring

Industrial IoT

Improve manufacturing workflows, apply analytics with our data collection and sharing package.

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